Mobile Home Renters Insurance – What To Look For

Mobile homes are said to be more fragile structures compared to conventional built homes. This gives you all the more reason to protect your house contents with Mobile Home Renters Insurance. Apart from manufactured homes being more delicate, they are also more vulnerable to damage from fire and wind. So if you are going to decide to rent a mobile home, please always take note that your landlord insures the structure or the mobile home itself but the contents inside it should be insured by the renter – and that is you. Most people who are on a tight budget would prefer to rent a mobile home and forget about mobile home renters insurance. You need to be ready in the event that disaster strikes, can you replace all your belongings in the blink of an eye? most folks can not?

What does renters insurance cover?

Just like other types of renters insurance, this type typically provides two types of coverage – the personal property and liability coverage. The coverage for Personal Property protects or provides replacement for the items inside your home that gets damages, stolen or destroyed by fire, wind, theft or burglary, riots, vandalism, and more. Meanwhile, the coverage for Liability provides the policy owner a shield from being liable to another individual who gets injured while on the premises of the property. The coverage also pays for any expenses related to the medical, legal, rehabilitation and earnings from loss of work of the injured individual.

At any point, there are instances when the mobile home gets damaged or becomes unlivable. The expenses of renting a hotel or another space due to this circumstance are going to be reimbursed by the insurance company. Some policies include this type of coverage so that you can keep up with the additional living expenses brought about by the repair or replacement of your rented mobile home. If this is not part or covered in your policy, you may try to negotiate to include it without extra cost or you can pay for an extra small amount so that you will have this portion covered.

How do you get an affordable Mobile Home Renters Insurance?

It is a general rule to shop around when you are trying to buy the best and the most affordable Mobile Homre Renters Insurance or any type of insurance for that matter. Actually, renters insurance will vary from region to region but you can always get an annual premium average rate of $100 or less. The tip here is to get 3-4 quotes and compare them so you will have more or less an idea what you can negotiate with your preferred company. It is also worthy to note that sometimes those small insurance companies can offer you lower rates and yet provide the same package. It is just a matter of getting into details and being very persistent and determined to buy the right insurance for you and your family.